I got tired of it


I got tired of feeling like crap, so I started eating more fruits and vegetables.

I got tired of being out of shape, so I started going to the gym.

I got tired of having back pain, so I started doing hamstring stretches.

I got tired of living paycheck to paycheck, so I started making a budget and began working towards something that would bring me extra income.

I got tired of being alone, so I started socializing more, joined a church, and became more active in my community.

I got tired of laying in my bed, night after night, on the brink of suicide, so I did all the stuff I’ve mentioned above.

I had a million excuses as to why my life wasn’t the way I wanted it to be, but I got tired of all of them.

I had a million reasons to justify why my life was so shitty, but I got tired of all of them.

There’s always going to be struggles in life. There are always going to be reasons why we can’t do something. We can sit around and make excuses and revel in our bitterness, anger, depression, and/or frustration. Or we can get tired of living life that way and choose something different.

The path forward isn’t always clear, but our resolve can be. The road isn’t always easy, but you can be sure that it’ll be worth it in the end. My routine in the gym right now involves thirty minutes on the treadmill and fifteen minutes on the elliptical. There are many days that I step onto the elliptical and, within the first few minutes, I want to give up. But I’ve learned one thing in life: if you focus on everything you need to accomplish instead of your next step, you’re going to be overwhelmed. All you have is the present moment, and, if you keep your focus on that moment, that feeling goes away.

We spend a lot of time resisting change, thinking that we are procrastinating or that we are being lazy. But that resistance is our unconscious mind teaching us the utter disgust that comes from living a certain way for too long. There are moments of clarity in your life, moments where you boldly define a new direction from yourself. Those moments are born on the back of long periods of frustration, anger, depression, and pain. Sometimes you just need the time to get tired of the situation you are in.

What are you tired of right now? Isn’t it time you got tired enough of living this way that it forces you to make a change?

I got tired of this article, so I chose this really lame ending.